Looking for a serious and dedicated cook with strong leadership skills and open mind to cooking.

Job Description: 

Ideal candidate will have a major roles in: leadership, ingredient management, and  menu development.

  • Leadership: I am looking for someone with strong line cooking skills and time management. There is not alot of space or many cooks in our kitchen, so organization is critical. As such, strong organization must be shown to others. Also, a strong respect for ingredients and their importance must be shown to others. Most importantly, the ideal candidate will help create a positive and enthusiastic environment. Together, we will help push create an environment of learning and excitement.
  • Ingredient Management: The restaurant is always looking for new farmers and new ingredients to use from Central Alberta. So far, all of our meats and 50% of our vegetables (in the summer) come from north of Calgary. We would like to improve on that, and build more relationships with farmers around the area. The ideal candidate will help in building these connections. we want to emphasize positive and long-term relationships with these supplier.
  • Menu Development: Our restaurant is heavily influenced by Italian Traditions and Techniques, but not exclusive to this. The goal is to maximize the yield and flavour out of all our indgredients. The sous chef will help find new techniques and develop new items to acheive this. 
2-5 years
Employment Type: 
Full Time