We are looking for dynamic BOH kitchen staff that are looking for an opportunity to work abroad in Beijing China. China is accelerating at a fast pace and has much to offer work and cuisine wise. Food will be North American/Canadian focused.

Job Description: 



The ROOF, UNICO, and SPACE ONE are three different concepts within 3 stories of TOPWIN center in Beijing, operating under one management, and kitchen concept.

THE ROOF A rooftop patio and lounge that boasts some of the best views Beijing has to offer and has a variety of VIP and private dining rooms.

UNICO: A lounge style restaurant that offers enticing food and drinks in an unpretentious and fun atmosphere. The goal of UNICO is to provide a dining environment where the food is inventive and playful, so that no two dining experiences will be identical. The menu takes a spin on Canadian inspired share plates, with infusion from local Chinese ingredients.

SPACE ONE: One of Beijing’s hottest night clubs, offering a variety of contemporary and techno music.

While the internship will be primarily be based and focused on UNICO, interns will have the opportunity to assist in the other venues as needed.


Work under acclaimed Canadian chefs

Gain experience working with an international team

Build an international network, meeting with internationally acclaimed chefs/restaurateurs

Travel to another Asian country on a work related trip 

Experience working in a multifaceted venue 

Experience life and work abroad

Get journeyman’s and/or bluebooks signed for



Currently in or graduated from an accredited culinary program

1 – 3 yrs experience working in a kitchen

Work Shifts: 10 hrs/ day, 6 days per week


Monthly salary 

Staff dormitory housing

Reimbursement of first flight after one month of work, second flight upon completion of time agreed.

Cover work related travel

Staff meal on working days

Please contact with resume:

Cam Dobranski: cam@winebarkensington.com

Lynnea Pearson: lynneapearson@gmail.com

Beijing, China
2-5 years
Employment Type: 
Full Time